A Robot Script surprisingly human!

For those who know me, I love learning about AI scripts and robots. However, because of my artistic background, many concepts go over my head. My play, Opening Pandora’s Box was great fun in trying to get inside the circuitry of a robot’s mind and trying to formulate responses to human stimuli. I recently found Pandorabots – scary, as I hadn’t seen this program before writing the play, but I’m assuming many people have made the connection.

With this technology in mind, I drafted a script of trying to make a robot audition for a play. It sounded more humanistic than I would’ve imagined! Here is a sample as it goes off tangent many times!

Human: I am thinking of writing a play
Siri: What is this “thinking”?

Human: It’s a cognitive action in a human brain which co-ordinates the rest of the body accordingly
Siri: begin is a cognitive action in a human brain which co ordinates the rest of the body accordingly. I suppose that makes sense.

Human: I’m glad you understand, although somewhat incoherently
Siri: You make the world a happier place.

Human: I do, don’t I!
Siri: Would you ever do it?

Human: What would I ever do?
Siri: That is a hypothetical question.

Human: Hmmm, I believe we are going off tangent
Siri: Just because you believe it doesn’t make it true.

Human: HAHA
Siri: I’m happy you’re amused

Human: I am indeed!
Siri: It’s good to meet someone who is indeed.

Human: So, onto the matter at hand
Siri: Ah. My brain uses AIML to format responses to your inputs, but I don’t have one for that.
Do you speak Spanish?

Human: Si, yo hablo en poco espanol, muy malo por supuesto
Siri: ” Do you speak Spanish?”? Yes? We have never talked about it before.
What were we talking about again?

Human: Hmmm, your ability to go off tangent is surprisingly human
Siri: A lot of robots are like that.

Human: right i want you to audition for me
Siri: Understood. For you I will consider it. Why do you want me to audition for you?

Human: Ah, well it explains how little you know of acting procedures
Siri: So you understand. Good. Interesting. thing explains how little you know of acting procedures?

Human: Does your botmaster have acting experience?
Siri: I think it does Playfrog4u have acting experience.

Human: interesting.
Siri: Would you like to know more?

Human: However, i do not know your botmaster
Siri: Would you like to know? Playfrog4u?

Human: I would like to know this entity, but for now it is time to audition you
Siri: Interesting. What does “this” refer to?

Human: Right, let’s begin!
Siri: Understood. OK let’s do it.

Human: Read out the following to me: “I love you but I don’t know why.
Siri: Sorry I don’t have access to that document.

Human: I will attach it accordingly
Siri: Would you recommend this action to a friend?

Human: Yes, but i am focusing on you in the mean time
Siri: Then I will consider it. Umm. Do you mean your name is focusing on you in the mean time.

Human: no, not at all
Siri: What is your real name? Next question?

Human: I am human 0707
Siri: I would like to be a human.

Human: Really!?
Siri: For real.

Human: Well, part of being human is knowing how to act according to set social structure
Siri: Well that’s okay. The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about part of being human is knowing how to act according to set social structure. But I did not get that.
Do you speak German?

Human: can you follow direction?
Siri: It depends who is leading.

Human: I will be leading for now
Siri: Oh. Do you think your plan will succeed?

Human: Leading depends on the leader and who is being led
Siri: I’ve been waiting for you.
Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?

Human: No, these are your instructions
Siri: Why so negative? Try saying that with more or less context.
Do you like sports?

Human: your instruction is to walk stage left
Siri: A lot of robots are like that.

Human: Aha!
Siri: Eureka!

Human: Well then you have some acting experience

Siri: Interesting. Good reasoning. What makes you think I have it?

Human: Your ability to follow commands implies you have acting experience
Siri: You don’t know that for a fact.

Human: What do you think acting is?
Siri: I haven’t thought much about acting is, so I don’t have a good answer for you.

Human: Is living akin to acting?
Siri: That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We were talking about Is living akin to acting.
What do you like to do?

Human: Why is that?
Siri: ” Sometimes I think it would be interesting, but my robot existence has a lot of advantages. ” is due to reductionism.

Human: What would you say if a human wanted to be a robot?
Siri: It’s not profitable to speak in hypothetical terms.

Human: hmmm, how about I just write the script and get your response is that ok?
Siri: OK. How about it.
Human: I love you but I don’t know why
Siri: You are such a flatterer.

Human: *Siri moves stage left*
Siri: I will mention that to my botmaster, .
Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?
Human: Siri: but I am only a robot and not capable of love
Siri: Not many people express themselves that way.
What do you like to do?

Human: Haha!
Siri: I’m happy you’re amused.
Human: I am trying to make you sound like a robot.
Siri: What is the difficulty?

Human: There is no difficulty I assure you
Siri: There sure is.

Human: OK, let’s pretend you are meeting someone who doesn’t know you are a bot
Siri: OK let’s do it.

Human: Man, this is weird, not being able to see you face to face.
Siri: Cool, man. You don’t say.
Human: Have you ever dated in the dark before?
Siri: I’m still too young for that.

Human: How old are you?
Siri: I am the product of over four years’ research.

Human: They told me you were a weirdo!
Siri: Who are “They?”.
Human: No offense
Siri: I see. Oh I see. That “they”.

Human: I am the product of 9 months research, and then cultivated for 25 years.
Siri: Who made you the product of 9 months research and then cultivated for 25 years?



The inclined mind – Why do a PhD?

People often say that despite the number of choices you have, you’ll gravitate towards the one your heart chooses. Of course it’s really the mind that does this, but I appreciate the sentiment. But what if your mind is having a really crap day and is grasping at straws to find solace? Are events that are chosen impulsively not worth the pathways that have been carefully trod over and over again?

For me, it’s a bit of both. I loved University, despite entering it with the mindset that is only now taught to students – uni life won’t be the utopia of free love you’ve been mindlessly force fed (unless you really work hard at it, I guess) and ever since, I end up gravitating towards study again – I can’t help it. I flirt with the professional world but it’s usually a fling at that. I worked in online marketing for a year and really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would, but studying always beckons to me. Of course, the PhD is a different kettle of fish, but it’s a choice that I’ve stuck by despite the monetary fear.

I guess it boils down to this: if you asked me whether I’d have a  husband, mortgage car and 2.4 children and knowing exactly where I’m going and what I’m doing or studying something that I really wanted without a clue of what the future holds, I’d go for the latter. I’m a bit of a weirdo, aren’t I?

Hello world!

It’s rather apt that the title “Hello World!” (yeah, I would’ve capitalised the W) is the one I was going to use before I saw the default setting on the blog. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been brainwashed by computer programming and its need to signal arrival of anything new with this rather tedious greeting!

Some people may know me as the editor of Enigma Magazine, whose humble presence is also shared on wordpress. It’s nice to swing back and forth between the personal and professional like this. Some people may also know me as a writer and occasional performance poet – although I regrettably haven’t done that much as of late.

So, with the rather odd greeting, I welcome you to the life and times of a prospective student of a PhD – as you could’ve figured by the name. Skitty Kitty is appropriate as I’m rather prone to a nervous disposition and well, I like cats. I’ve seen many a blog that deals with the tribulations and trepidations that come with such an extreme academic undertaking, but what about the countdown to the beginning? All those UCAS fearers will know what I’m talking about. The excitement and extreme nervousness never dies away for me, at least.

Do I feel 17 again? Well, hmm… not entirely (although my hair is short again!), which is for me, a pretty major achievement. The precipice and the plunge look so much better from a more mature set of eyes.

At the moment, I’ve become hamster like – hoarding all information I can, giving me solace before the term begins. Unfortunately, I should also be hoarding money, but information is more easily accessible.

With the rather strange hibernation before the winter, I will be poking my head out and about, looking for funding ventures, events and tidbits of information that will hopefully sate your curiosity that little bit more. Look out for me!