Feeling my age!

I have some reviews in the works, but I shall get to that soon! Although I’m not “technically” old, and I actually feel younger than before – I certainly felt my age today. On my driving lesson, I still succumb to the odd falters – especially in fear of hitting other drivers. I basically drive if everyone unbeknownst to me is under a test to drive in my way, a gauntlet of faith where I must avoid smacking into them and causing them to explode. So far *touchwood* it has not come to that!

But how do people so young become entrusted with this responsibility? I know I’d be too *explicit* scared to drive when I was 17/18. I have been informed that my driving age x 2 is the amount of hours needed to be proficient enough for test standard – because my grey matter ain’t what it used to be! That’s good though, in a way – I feel that I’d probably be less reckless than in my earlier years and the extra practice will probably help to strip away some of that adult caution.

Just a little breather really! I will be posting up some reviews of some events I’ve been to, as well as some books I’ve read, so look out for those!

EDIT: Haha, read instead of written – I’m getting too far ahead of myself here!

So… you’re doing a PhD then?

This is probably one of my worst kept secrets – along with my upcoming driving test which will be imminent SOON (all I’m saying is soon, but not as soon as this month…). The people who do know me in person have asked me a variety of questions, but not the same as when I embarked on a degree (obviously then I had a lot more to prove and I was probably more prone to undergoing a casual character assassination due to my age).

Unusually enough, the most common question was “What will your PhD be in?”, which I actually relished secretly. To know that I could be considered as a scientist (well, I’m dealing in Pseudo-Science at best) or artist or someone delving into the physics of string theory or the soothing patterns that certain notes do in harmonizing our internal sensors (I don’t know!?), it was nice to feel that I was versatile. My PhD is along similar lines of my BA and MA but with a little twist. The little twist for me in this case is dramaturgy.

Another question often is “Oh, won’t your stipend be so small?” – hm hm hm. If i told you that the majority of my previous work experience was stage management, art gallery management and working in copywriting, would that make you reconsider that question!? As it stands, I am seeking funding at the moment so a stipend would have been really cool – but I am willing to persevere!

My favourite has to be “Can I call you a doctor then?” –  I love it because although technically I won’t be until I’m 28 (aaaahhhh!!!) it would be awesome for me to exercise that title until then. However, a lot of my friends are already neck deep in the whole academic and PhD ball game, so I’d have to call a lot of them Doctor without seeming like a huge hypocrite!

There’s a lot to look forward to! Find out how I get on with the dreaded F word (funding), see how I enter my past (High school reunion), present (Brunel University MA Graduation) and the future (the PhD!)

Speak soon!

A little late, I know…

… but I’ve really been into Youtube – an extension of google (literally nowadays), where you can find videos on practically everything – there are some things that I’ve tried to find but haven’t – I should make a list of these at some point (none too dodgy, mind!).  I’ve found this gem of a channel and its lectures – the Science Study Lunch Break videos – this one is on the biological analysis of the creatures found in Avatar and seeing where the blend comes in between artificial (Science Fiction) and reality (nature) – and you can see how many things they have in common, just with slightly exaggerated or heightened features (metaphor again, which is what I wrote in the blog post before about science fiction). Enjoy!

It’s made me think if I should put videos on online – I actually have a video (very poorly made!) with my blackberry of all things, discussing writing activities and potential ways to start writing. I will make a series of those now that I have my webcam, as well as some band videos maybe (fingers crossed!)



SciFi London – To boldly go?

It’s strange using a split infinitive in the title, but it’s just… artistic license, I guess. Anyway, the week long event was great to see a snippet of how the world interpreted the term “SciFi”, albeit a contained one of course. There were many great plots, most of which centered around dystopia, surveillance and being trapped in many forms – in the wrong society, in the wrong place, in the wrong body to the wrong job or the wrong partner.

When you think about this, these are the common fears that many of us face – the rise of social media and the way technology tracks us and teaches us – the role of gender becoming blurred and society molding to our peaks and troughs with the resultant backlashes, the class and gender gap which comes in and out as often as the tides. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see many great films that I wanted to see – I especially wanted to see “Ghosts with Shit Jobs”, but I enjoyed watching “True Love” – a delve into the individual and marital unit (albeit a shallow one with the time allowance) and to prove how much faith and trust you can invest in a world where every move is tracked.

I especially enjoyed listening to the podcasts – and how many tv series and films like Battlestar Galactica and Blake’s 7 expounded on fears on terrorism and the unsettling uncertainties of our future – like most science fiction. It deals with our past, present and future – while on a surface level, many people believe it to be solely on the latter. How can you define this genre? Does it need the paraphenalia like spacecrafts, aliens, time machines, constant surveillance? These are just metaphorical instruments – representations of the fears we have had and some that we continue to hold. It is a beautiful metaphorical language that has many layers and we can choose how deep the rabbit hole goes… heh.

It’s amazing to see how well a language can be crafted and taken apart, when we add our own perceptions and the weave totally changes (I’m not going to go into Barthes now!), but yes. It’s opened my eyes in many ways.