A little late, I know…

… but I’ve really been into Youtube – an extension of google (literally nowadays), where you can find videos on practically everything – there are some things that I’ve tried to find but haven’t – I should make a list of these at some point (none too dodgy, mind!).  I’ve found this gem of a channel and its lectures – the Science Study Lunch Break videos – this one is on the biological analysis of the creatures found in Avatar and seeing where the blend comes in between artificial (Science Fiction) and reality (nature) – and you can see how many things they have in common, just with slightly exaggerated or heightened features (metaphor again, which is what I wrote in the blog post before about science fiction). Enjoy!

It’s made me think if I should put videos on online – I actually have a video (very poorly made!) with my blackberry of all things, discussing writing activities and potential ways to start writing. I will make a series of those now that I have my webcam, as well as some band videos maybe (fingers crossed!)



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