Feeling my age!

I have some reviews in the works, but I shall get to that soon! Although I’m not “technically” old, and I actually feel younger than before – I certainly felt my age today. On my driving lesson, I still succumb to the odd falters – especially in fear of hitting other drivers. I basically drive if everyone unbeknownst to me is under a test to drive in my way, a gauntlet of faith where I must avoid smacking into them and causing them to explode. So far *touchwood* it has not come to that!

But how do people so young become entrusted with this responsibility? I know I’d be too *explicit* scared to drive when I was 17/18. I have been informed that my driving age x 2 is the amount of hours needed to be proficient enough for test standard – because my grey matter ain’t what it used to be! That’s good though, in a way – I feel that I’d probably be less reckless than in my earlier years and the extra practice will probably help to strip away some of that adult caution.

Just a little breather really! I will be posting up some reviews of some events I’ve been to, as well as some books I’ve read, so look out for those!

EDIT: Haha, read instead of written – I’m getting too far ahead of myself here!

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