OOTD – Graduation!

So this is my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) as promised!

It’s funny how many details you can forget over time – the last time I graduated was in 2008 for my BA, and remembered why I wore a button up shirt – for the loop around the collar part of the gown! However, I still went for the black and white look so it does look like a graduation outfit as in it fits the colour scheme. The only difference is the grey part that drapes over the back instead of white.

Did you know I even *even* tried to do a vlog but it didn’t work because I’m a noob, quite frankly. Plus, if I were to film it real time, I would’ve had to wake up even earlier than I did to get the camera working and I’d rather get to Uni in time! However, I may make a video of what I did and erm… have pictures of the end result as hindsight is always a nice option to have.

So… so so so! Here goes (haha, this sounds funny) *puts on fashionista voice over voice*

The dress was from Boohoo.com, a very impulsive buy since I hadn’t bought from them before and there’s always the risk you run about buying online, especially about a day where a camera’s going to be fixated on you for some time. However, with its attached collar and tie detail, as well as its monochromatic look, it actually looks perfect for graduation (almost reminds me of those high school outfits in Japan, love it!) Put a belt that I got in a thrift store and hurrah! Outfit done! Only about 20 pounds altogether! Yay!

To preserve my dignity (at a prestigious academic event, this is one of the most prized accessories to wear or flaunt in your own *special* way), I wore my happy go lucky stockings – and luckily my suspender belt is white so didn’t show through anything. Yes, it was hot and I was absolutely baking anyway due to the black gown and compulsory layers, but my legs were fine – the stockings are nice and sheer. I got everything hosiery related to the day on the StockingsHQ website. I never used to wear stockings but they’re actually comfier than tights in my opinion (weirdly!). I’ve been wearing them a lot this Spring and probably will continue to do so!

And yes, I wore heels. Heels. A shoe with an elevated platform and an exaggerated mould of a foot’s arch. However, I have done a dance show in these at Goldsmiths and danced the flamenco so I thought that a walk up and down the ramp would be much more straightforward. Yes, thankfully, it was! These were 12 pounds and I bought them a while back at Peacocks.











So there you go! Got suited and booted just in the nick of time and dashed into the hall where I got to see some of my old classmates! Everyone looked really well and happy – and it’s lovely to see how everyone is and how they’re getting on. Indeed, it’s been about 8 months at least since I’ve seen some people so it’s amazing to think of what has happened in that space of time.

Thank you to my family and friends for their support in many ways – absolutely amazing as the MA itself, not just the university experience came out of a rather trying time, let’s say. I started in 2009 and from then managed to get a job and time to study so it was amazing to see that I could handle both a full time job and a part time masters (luckily I got to work part time when finishing my dissertation). I can’t thank you all enough and thank you to my parents who bought me the graduation ring as a lovely memento of well… everything. I’ve been wanting one for 4 years, but I’m glad I waited out that long as it means a lot more to me now. It will arrive in about 8-10 weeks, so I’m really looking forward to wearing it. I will post it up for you guys!

My Writing Projects at the moment!

Well, since my PhD starts in just over 2 months (yup, haven’t started yet!), it may seem that the blog is more filler and more based on speculation and other stuff. Whilst that is essentially true until the time I start, it doesn’t mean I’m not writing – oh siree no! My main PhD project (in rough, I must emphasise) is of staging science fiction – and through this is a handle on the genre and the different themes of dramaturgy in shaping the suspension of disbelief with a rather limited but heavily potent arsenal. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

In the mean time, I am editing and writing some projects, as well as planning the structure to my thesis, which I imagine will warp and expand several times. I’ve finished writing 2 plays, both of which have been read and I’ve been given fabulous notes on (thank you guys, appreciate it so much!). I’m editing Pandora’s Box, which I wrote as a futuristic response to Pygmalion, as well as Fishbowl, through my love of Youtube, seeing a future where everything is compartmentalised and through this new system breeds a new spotless generation. I don’t want to spoil too much but you might see a bit more birthing than you expected!

I am also writing another play, which is a sort of cross between District 9 and The Earth Abides, featuring the themes of segregation, belonging and renewal. Let’s see how they go! I’m also writing some short stories and assorted poems, so will hopefully go back to the realm of spoken word at some point!

Oh yes, and I’m also collecting submissions for Enigma Magazine as well as editing a community anthology. Go to http://www.enigmacw.co.uk if you’d like to submit anything. The theme is Going for Gold and the finish line is in view!

A post long overdue… amongst other things

So for those who don’t know, I’m half Burmese and half English, which people never seem to guess (except one person, actually), and still I haven’t been to Burma or become proficient in the language. With hope, one day I will make my journey there and in classic traveller vlog style will my brain finally get to grapple with the intricacies of another language before it becomes firmly settled in my cranial cavity.

Of course, Burma has been media heavy as Aung San Suu Kyi has been able to make her inspirational speeches and addresses after her harrowing house arrest of so many years. At the Southbank Centre I saw her live in the flesh and the atmosphere was astounding to say the least. Her people had come in waves, all beaming and ready to support her. It was an amazing feeling and one I won’t forget seeing in Southbank.

We also managed to help a man out who had just finished his studies in Leceister University and after taking out time to travel in Burma, wanted to learn more about the culture and to meet her himself. He didn’t know he was going to get a ticket from us and it was really refreshing to see how much he enjoyed the opportunity. I must really visit Burma. I know I keep saying this, but hearing the speeches in Burmese and not being able to get a firm grasp of the powerful words she was saying (thousands of people in the room were almost struck dumb) really struck a chord with me.

We also saw the classic Burmese song and dance, which I’ve always wanted to learn, as well as meeting so many different people, all with their story to tell. I won’t forget this day in a hurry!

At the Firestation (prob not what you think!)

So in a rather overdue blog post (I have more, I’m trying to go back and follow up instead of rambling ad infinitum about how many years I’ve gained on this planet), I came to Windsor for the first time (I know, I haven’t been to Legoland *sob*) and saw the Royal Holloway’s takeover of the Firestation Art Centre for their Play Festival. In the style of which I love, you’re free to pick and choose what you want to see free of charge, which is lovely. I did almost lose my phone, which would’ve made a rather pricey visit in retrospect, but I was lucky and want to thank whoever did hand my blackberry in *kisses*




OK, judging by these photos and the Jubilee celebrations, yes – the blog post is that overdue!

Anyhow, it was lovely to get a sense of what the RHUL gang had to show and to get the general gist and atmosphere of the arts students. First of all, they appear very well read and amicable and I particularly like their sense of humour for their comedy improv. The idea of picking a card to determine the dystopian/utopian setting was nicely bizarre. I also got to learn a bit on rhetoric and argumental devices on their philosophy lecture by the students themselves, which I did enjoy – but I’ve lost my sheet!

All in all, a nice little afternoon and a very quaint and pretty area to be in as well!

Proof of Age

It’s most likely not co-incidence that on my birthday weekend when I came to see my family for a visit and candle blowing session on Sunday that they showed me some videos of my past. They had found some old VHS tapes and digitized them, seeing many cuts and flashes of scenes half familiar but all totally astounding. These were amazing scenes that made me very emotional seeing again, and it makes me realise how important documenting is, from the wax etchings to the papyrus to the printing press to the camera to the extensive range of documenting capabilities that we have today.

One of the videos that I saw was when I was turning 6 years old, which was almost 20 years ago now. To feel that I was part of something 20 years ago, that I can say 20 years ago and know that I was alive then is much more poignant than just saying that I’m 25 (to me, it’s hard to explain it). I recognise all the faces there and it makes me remember such good times. What actually strikes me is how hindsight can change the viewing of the video so much – like watching the beginning of series 1 of a TV drama when you’re in series 5 and so on.

The piece de resistance though was the video we had made at Orlando Studios – which does in fact relate to my PhD, weirdly enough. We had a green screen studio experience of Star Trek – which I remember sitting on crates and reading lines (which, without boasting too much, I did at the age of 6 – this year must have been me at my peak haha). The experience left me having been reprimanded by Sulu for pressing the wrong button and my brother testing the ship’s phasers, whilst my mum and dad (vulcan and captain respectively), had a gag photon detonator to fool the Klingons.

It’s so funny and I love that it’s been finally digitised. It’s scary to see how little things do change with time, as we usually only focus on what has been gained or lost. I could see a lot of my personality in my 6 year old self as she dances oddly in my family garden, but why I stuck my tongue out at the camera, I’ll never know (I don’t normally do that, that was the only thing that struck me as odd).

It’s true that as a kid, you hate staying still for the camera (or at least I did), but now I see how valuable it is.

Plus, I almost dance exactly the same as I did there as in nightclubs. Disturbing on many a level…

My Graduation and turning 25 this month!

7 is my favourite number with a just cause – my birthday is coming up at a time where I am still celebrating the notion  of turning an older age (I just have this theme of being thankful for seeing another year – I’m odd!). What is even more exciting, as well as all the sporting events that are on around this time of year, is the addition of my MA graduation. I personally love graduation – that’s why I’m doing it twice – I know some people are allergic to ceremony but I secretly love all the pomp and speeches (sometimes I think I’m secretly American). I feel so proud for everyone and can’t wait to get up there and make my walk and grab my certificate!

However, getting more personal here, I think part of this feeling comes from the experience I had at high school. I don’t like getting too deep into it, but they believed I wouldn’t enjoy university, that I wouldn’t be good enough to study to degree level etc. and at a private school (eep!), if you’re not going to one of the top, you get looked over like a stale sandwich at a high tea buffet. However, I persevered. Some of my teachers had faith in me though, and I’m appreciative for it. I went for the UCAS and applied anyway (despite me being very late in application). I harbour no anger towards the people who didn’t believe in me, though. They have their own goals in mind and I had mine, and we acted on ours accordingly.

In fact, what scares me is the difference in attitude I have about my graduation now. I’m really excited about what I’m going to wear and everything! I literally rolled out of bed and put on anything (morning ceremony) and I sort of regret not preparing for it properly. In fact, I may (haha, I’m laughing as I type this) make an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post about what I’m going to wear for my graduation! People who know me will know this is quite out of character (OOC?) but I’m still very excited and surely it does link to my blog, no? 😛

So yes, a quick post. I’ve still got to write up my review of the Arts Firestation event in Windsor which I attended, almost losing my phone in the process, as well as the Jerwood Space talk on the Future of Tomorrow!