Ready to Blast Off!

Before I start, I apologise for getting the completely the wrong order of events – I went to this way before my graduation but hey, I tend to write things in nibs and get back to them later. The blog is really helpful in terms of writing and saving drafts.

So I was hoping to get a slice of the SciFi theatre scene (as alien as it may seem – hur hur), and during my journey managed to get a ticket for the Soho Theatre’s Utopia. Unfortunately, I never got to see it but instead got a refund ticket for A Walk on Part, newly transferred to the Arts Centre Space in Covent Garden, which was extremely informative, very poignant and interspersed with sprinklings of the British humour that I’ve come to love. Apart from that, I also got a ticket to the Blast Off Night, which is described as the only Sci Fi theatre night in London. I think I do remember reading about an experimental evening at Battersea’s 503, but I can’t be sure!

This was in the Soho space downstairs – I booked it in the spur of the moment and hurried down to Tottenham to get a sneak peek. The first thing that struck me was how busy the place was. The downstairs space has a nice rectangular stage that doesn’t jut out too much so allows for tables and chairs and the like, but it was teeming to the rafters. It was hard to find space to move, which is of course a positive thing to see that such an event would attract that large an audience, but uncomfortable in the moment!

In summary, the night was a very mixed bag – from the sceptical speculation to the pantomime and the cabaret, including a sideshow on interspecies romance between humans and Martians, terraforming and the mix between utopia/dystopia to a snapshot of the rapture and post-apocalyptic breeding and its rather awkward mechanics behind it. It definitely held its weight in holding the audience’s attention and got across the ideas very effectively on the stage, no matter how tongue in cheek they were. You’d be surprised how you can visualise a space carrier and a planet with human bodies – HGI instead of CGI?

So there’s a little review for you. I will be doing some literature reviews – from the classic to the not so classic! Hmmm, maybe I’ll do one on Foundation as I’ve revisited it quite recently. Enjoy!