What I learnt from my driving test!

So, I finally took my driving test yesterday – through my haphazard days of testing the water but never quite immersing myself fully in it. I’ve always been a toe-dipper in many respects for things, but I finally decided to see it through and go for the test. I’m not going to lie – I was bricking it, and for many reasons that are unlike any other test I’ve taken before.

Obviously, there’s the reason that if I make a mistake in a written exam, I’m not going to cause any specific injury to the people around me unless I throw my pen in disgust or that my chair collapses and I catapult into my neighbour, but there’s something else about the nature of the test that I will now relay to you.

If you intend on taking the driving test, you will most likely have invested time, money and tension getting to grips with the contraption – and not for the test itself. It’s a way of getting yourself places, maybe in an emergency or just for a casual drive by yourself or with friends. People often say you will unlearn things from GCSE and A Level and these grades are just stepping stones that will sink after you step on them, but driving is a life skill. It’s about confidence, assurance that only you can influence yourself and because of this, it’s a lot about sharing your space with others, no matter how reckless they tend to be at times. With exams, it’s usually about yourself, but with driving, it’s about everyone.

I’m so glad that I did pass, but in a different way to what I would be if I received passing marks in academia. It’s a constant learning curve and I know now what to look out for when driving. It’s true what they say – it’s an indication that you are a confident, safe and alert crusader of the roads and that you do follow the laws of the road, avoiding to the best of your ability any inconvenience. You can see how helpful this can be when extrapolated and shared!

I want to thank all my family, friends and of course my instructor for all their support! It’s going to take a while before I can just set off without a moment’s hesitation – but maybe that’s the same with everyone? Every day is a different journey!

Placeholder #20

It’s kind of meaningless to say a post is a placeholder for something else, because it always is. A memory is a placeholder for something that’s happened, and more often than not, something that hasn’t. A worry is a placeholder for something that might happen. Too much weight bearing goes on in words that can’t be universally measured. That’s why I don’t participate in poetry slams – so I tell myself!