Random Connections of the Day

Since my mind likes to join up things that would not usually be considered “sane” in the grand scheme of things (which is probably why, coincidentally, I enjoy science fiction), I would like to present connections that tend to pop up in my head without barely any noticeable thread of thought leading up to said conclusion.

This week was of Koestler’s science fiction play Twilight Bar and the N64 game in Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The similarities are not precisely mimetic, but there’s enough relation to make the post somewhat relevant.

  • Both include the theme of the world potentially ending in 3 days if not for the help of human/hylian agency.
  • External agencies are also in play that make this rather¬†arbitrary period of time¬† – the mask in Majora’s mask (who’d have thunk it) as well as the aliens in Twilight Bar.
  • The aliens (in the bizarre plot method to show their “otherness”) refer to cows as dragons, whose milk has the intoxicating effects of alcohol. In Marjora’s Mask, the cows are stolen by aliens at a specific time each night, and a special bar “for adults” is available for drinking said milk.

Seeing as Twilight Bar was written in 1945 by a Hungarian born author and Legend of Zelda: Marjora’s Mask is part of the notorious Legend of Zelda series published by Nintendo, a Japanese company, released in the UK in 2000, you wouldn’t initially see the connections (in my case, anyway). It can also make you think about the ways in which Zelda is typified (as it is very linear and formulaic, but with its own unique plot device in each offering).