Insignificant Theatre Review!



Last Thursday (29th November) , Insignificant Theatre held their Rough Readings evening at Sylvia Young Theatre school and I was fortunate enough to not only be present, but also witnessed one of my own pieces there – Narcissus and Echo: A Bathroom Myth. The performances were in response to a particular room of a house, and some will be taken through to next year. Having no previous experience of their past Rough Readings (although I thoroughly enjoyed their Speakeasy event), I had no idea of what to expect.

It was a great display of acting talent – I can’t believe they had only one rehearsal prior to this – and a great range of scripts focusing on a myriad of emotions. A lot were written in order to set up a particular scenario and feeling to suddenly self right or disorient itself, which worked particularly well!

The night was so surreal, after spending time in Stage Management, Casting and Script reading – seeing my own writing in front of me being acted out, critiqued and feeling the nerves – how have they read it? Will it come out as I expected? I didn’t realise how scary it can feel from the seat rather than the stage, but I couldn’t have asked for a better interpretation! They are truly a wonderful company, and I’d like to thank Insignificant Theatre and the audience for a great writing night! Also, looking at Woodhouse’s artistic interpretation of the myth – the frame was quite similar, even though it’s set in a bath tub and the tone is significantly different! What a nice flavour of icing on the cake! 🙂

On Monday will start workshops/rehearsals for A Christmas Gift. I’m so excited!