New Years Highlights!

This New Year has been more packed than I remember – as it’s coming up to that fateful hour, I just wanted to mention some things that have made this year great – only want to focus on the highlights, hurrah! Also, I started the blog this year, to mark any developments and how my ideas for the PhD have changed – I think I’ve learnt a hell of a lot this year – and of course, the more you learn, the more you realise that you know nothing. If that’s a good benchmark, than my quota has been sufficiently reached for this year!

– I learnt how to drive this year and passed first time (thank goodness, that experience was utterly harrowing and I had no idea it was going to be so stressful! Thanks to friends, family and my driving instructor – he’s hella awesome!)

-I graduated from my MA and at Brunel this year – it’s been a great 5 years there, and there’s a lot I learnt (maybe slightly more out of lectures, but that’s the way uni life is for the undergraduate I think). Postgraduate was also awesome and will always have fond memories of people and places there. I can’t go to Uxbridge without reminiscing over some corner or road. Not much has changed there really!

– I started my PhD this year (only in September but it feels much earlier than that – I think I was overexcited and it clearly showed), and at a new university. Getting to grips with the area and met some great people – can’t wait to see how the rest of the years pan out!

– I’ve gotten my plays staged – 3 to be precise – and so happy! I’ve learnt a lot form the rehearsal process and will start some more rewrites in earnest.

– We did do a gig this year – hooray – and a track on an EP, which all of PFN are very proud with. Finally got to recording, hopefully to do some more in 2013 *fingers crossed*

Enigma will be back – sorry I’ve been away from it for a while – it’ll be ready to showcase more of the world’s upcoming and established talents in 2013!

I wish you all a Happy New Year and the best of happiness and health! Oh, and if you’ve been hearing me say “for sure”, then I’m 90% sure you met me this year. A theory of mine.