On Boredom

It may be strange to admit that boredom (the concept around the act of being bored) is a topic of fascination to me. Not so Heidegger-ish that I could write reams on it, but, it still interests me nonetheless.

It’s quite hard to put my finger on it – it’s a moment in time where we either can’t connect to the topic at hand or that we actually become exposed to actual “existence” as it were, not following what we believe to be at the time the orchestrations of life that’s going on around us; that we’re thrown out of the loop. Or is this ennui? It seems a much stronger term to me.

I’m inclined to agree with Schopenhauer on this; seeing boredom as a vanity trait in humans, one who have the privilege as it were to have the time and security to disconnect and find a dullness within existence. Of course it is not clean cut as this, but I think he was on to something there.

Don’t get me wrong, I have felt bored at times (obviously), but as I grow older it becomes much harder to bore me (I’m not taking that as a challenge!). It seems to be a complex condition (or maybe it isn’t so? I’m undecided). What interests me is the claim of people being “bored easily”. Does this mean they have a certain threshold that concepts or people must adhere to to capture their interest for a considerable amount of time or something else? Part of me thinks that it’s our response to our fast access to many sources of information, that our brains have developed to take in quick swipes of information. I can see positives and negatives in this.

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