Hi! I’m the SkittyKitty, otherwise known as Susan Gray.

So, here I am – ready to update this page after what seems to be just over a year. I’m entering my 26th year of life and have gone through one year of my PhD.

A little about me – I write plays and short stories (I’m working on a novella as well actually, shh) and am an avid gamer – I write articles and contribute to the podcast of Cubed3.com. It’s something I’ve done for a while now – I played videogames shortly after reading and writing (which I did at 3 and 6, respectively), so they’re very close neighbours in terms of my interests. I also like juggling, staff twirling, burlesque dancing, ballet and street dance.

I do the odd bit of poetry too. I started my Spoken Word journey in 2010 – actually after a bit of a tough time – and performing actually became personal to me. Looking back, I’m surprised how forthcoming I was with my emotions – maybe it’s something I need to do again. I’ve performed at the Free Word Centre, the Poetry Cafe, the Good ship and others, and in August 2010 I performed with the Roundhouse Poetry Collective at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  I don’t need to tell you that I had an amazing time! Highlights also include me dressed as a caterpillar telling my own riddles as part of an Alice and Wonderland theme in Brockwell Park. I was blue and everything! I will find a photo.


It was great! I told riddles to families and they had to find certain items that were the answers and bring them back to me. They items included broken clocks, eggs (fake ones), legs (fake ones) and cards. The legs were stuffed tights and looked quite disturbing hanging out of bushes and the like!


I also play the bass for PFN – a band that has gone through many names. We’ve played in Ruislip, Bushey and Harrow (keeping it local). Our last gig was at Trinity and I did a bit of storytelling in-between that links all the stories together on the fly – I don’t know how I did it!

Here’s a happy fan!


I used to work in Art galleries – love the atmosphere and audience, especially on First Thursdays. You get a whole range of people and some love to just talk for hours and hours. I think I’ve gotten quite a few customers that I’ve used in my plays as characters.

For my PhD, I’m investigating Science Fiction and Theatre – and why it hasn’t been widely reported or discussed. It does go on, contrary to popular belief and it fills a gap in our burgeoning visual culture about the reactions to new concepts and extrapolated imaginings. It’s a straddle between the literary and the performative and therefore needs to exist in the canon between the written works and the film and TV of SF.

My SciFi play A Christmas Gift was produced last year as part of a Christmas series at the Old Red Lion. I’ve currently written four full length Science Fiction plays and working on my 5th. Of course, writing is just as much about rewriting and I revisit and rework those old worlds when I can. Let’s say I’m waiting back on a lot of projects (hopefully good news!)

I’m also doing a monologue collection in response to tropes of SF. We have short stories that create these worlds – but what about the characters? How can we empathise with something that we haven’t experienced? Is it possible? Only one way to find out!

Oh and before I finish – why did I want to write SciFi?

I was brought up on Star Trek as a kid, as well as rather bizarre movies (Flight of the Navigator, anyone?) as well as Back to the Future, all the usual stuff. I wanted to be an inventor as a kid back when everyone wanted to be a princess or a prince or whatever it usually is. I would draw up plans and blueprints on how these inventions would change the world. I then got into fantasy (especially with Brian Jacques stories – I used to devour them hungrily) and wanted actually to be a Fantasy writer starting from about 8 years old. I maintain that my first little story I wrote was about a magician’s apprentice (yes, I read Feist) that travels back in time to defeat wizards that have destroyed the present timeline. I wrote it in colouring pencil because I couldn’t find my school regulation one and got royally told off.

I didn’t realise I was writing SciFi alongside it until later at Uni – it’s something I had always done and thought nothing of it. The rest, as they say, is herstory.

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