Math Rock? Prog Rock? How about Huxley?

In my pick and mix of reading, I’ve recently introduced some non sci-fi Huxley into my little menagerie. I’ve been currently reading Point, Counter Point and it’s interesting to see his pertinent views on the distinction between high and low end art as well as his erm fecund imagination on intimacy and romance (if you can call it that) come across in different ways. I was trying to find a quotation on Huxley in a book that I had read quite a long time ago and I’m ashamed that I typed a rather crude search term in Google (g-gasp!). Whoever uses my netbook and looks up Huxley… I did warn you! I do love this quote, so it’s justified. A clue at what I typed? This is the quotation in question:

Whether it’s passion or the desire of the moth for the star, whether it’s tenderness or adoration or romantic yearning – love is always accompanied by events in the nerve endings, the skin, and the mucous membranes, the glandular and erectile tissues. Those who don’t say so are liars. Those who do are labeled pornographers. (Huxley, The Genius and the Goddess)

However, I loved his introduction of an orchestra who plays at one of the parties in PCP. His allusions to musical structure do coincide with the book, which meshes a string of character perspectives and timelines. Anyway, here it is:

Euclidean axioms made holiday with the formulae of elementary statistics. Arithmetic held a wild saturnalian kermesse; algebra cut capers. The music came to an end in an orgy of mathematical merry making. There was applause. Tolley bowed, with all his usual grace; Pongileoni bowed, even the anonymous fiddlers bowed. The audience pushed back its chairs and got up. Torrents of pent-up chatter broke loose. (Huxley 48)

Ah, reminds me of when I saw Lite play live last year. That’s almost exactly what happened. Except I was standing and dancing. Hardcore, or should I say mathcore?