At the Firestation (prob not what you think!)

So in a rather overdue blog post (I have more, I’m trying to go back and follow up instead of rambling ad infinitum about how many years I’ve gained on this planet), I came to Windsor for the first time (I know, I haven’t been to Legoland *sob*) and saw the Royal Holloway’s takeover of the Firestation Art Centre for their Play Festival. In the style of which I love, you’re free to pick and choose what you want to see free of charge, which is lovely. I did almost lose my phone, which would’ve made a rather pricey visit in retrospect, but I was lucky and want to thank whoever did hand my blackberry in *kisses*




OK, judging by these photos and the Jubilee celebrations, yes – the blog post is that overdue!

Anyhow, it was lovely to get a sense of what the RHUL gang had to show and to get the general gist and atmosphere of the arts students. First of all, they appear very well read and amicable and I particularly like their sense of humour for their comedy improv. The idea of picking a card to determine the dystopian/utopian setting was nicely bizarre. I also got to learn a bit on rhetoric and argumental devices on their philosophy lecture by the students themselves, which I did enjoy – but I’ve lost my sheet!

All in all, a nice little afternoon and a very quaint and pretty area to be in as well!