My Graduation and turning 25 this month!

7 is my favourite number with a just cause – my birthday is coming up at a time where I am still celebrating the notion  of turning an older age (I just have this theme of being thankful for seeing another year – I’m odd!). What is even more exciting, as well as all the sporting events that are on around this time of year, is the addition of my MA graduation. I personally love graduation – that’s why I’m doing it twice – I know some people are allergic to ceremony but I secretly love all the pomp and speeches (sometimes I think I’m secretly American). I feel so proud for everyone and can’t wait to get up there and make my walk and grab my certificate!

However, getting more personal here, I think part of this feeling comes from the experience I had at high school. I don’t like getting too deep into it, but they believed I wouldn’t enjoy university, that I wouldn’t be good enough to study to degree level etc. and at a private school (eep!), if you’re not going to one of the top, you get looked over like a stale sandwich at a high tea buffet. However, I persevered. Some of my teachers had faith in me though, and I’m appreciative for it. I went for the UCAS and applied anyway (despite me being very late in application). I harbour no anger towards the people who didn’t believe in me, though. They have their own goals in mind and I had mine, and we acted on ours accordingly.

In fact, what scares me is the difference in attitude I have about my graduation now. I’m really excited about what I’m going to wear and everything! I literally rolled out of bed and put on anything (morning ceremony) and I sort of regret not preparing for it properly. In fact, I may (haha, I’m laughing as I type this) make an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post about what I’m going to wear for my graduation! People who know me will know this is quite out of character (OOC?) but I’m still very excited and surely it does link to my blog, no? 😛

So yes, a quick post. I’ve still got to write up my review of the Arts Firestation event in Windsor which I attended, almost losing my phone in the process, as well as the Jerwood Space talk on the Future of Tomorrow!