Notes from Other Worlds!



Here it is! My first published book – Notes from Other Worlds! What a neat shiny cover it is too – it’s hard not to get a reflection in the picture.

The idea behind the publication was to compile a collection of Science Fiction styled monologues for actors seeking an alternative to the standard as well as short stories for general readers. What’s especially unique about the collection is that they’re written for any age and gender – even if there may be the odd reference to age and gender in a couple of pieces – you’ll see why.

Each monologue comes with some crib notes (as sparse as I could make them, in my opinion), with the rest of the details to be filled in by the reader/performer. What I’d be interested to see is how people interpret the text for performance.

Where can you find them, you might (hopefully) ask? I have the initial lot of copies here, which I will be selling at a reading soon – I’m ironing out the details of those!



Firstly, apologies for leaving it so long to update!

1) The Terra Firma reading was a great success – we got great feedback and response from the audience and I’m so grateful for stellar direction and acting from a great cast in such little time. I do have some good news to share about this, which I will do in time!

event image


2) I will be giving a paper in Lincoln for the Performing Science Conference (April 24th – 25th) on the topic of Science Theatre and SF Theatre, the differences between them and how attention should be paid to both forms.

3) Stage the Future is well under way! Β Very excited for it, the programme is simply amazing! Check it out here:

EventBrite for Stage the Future

Stage The Future Poster

4) Also, watch this space for the monologue book!

Fiction Friday

ImageAnother cultural marker (following on from last post) – Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Hope you’re all well! I’ve been busy working on my play which is going to have a staged reading at the Etcetera Theatre on the 25th/26th February! I’m utterly thrilled by this! We’re well underway in rehearsals and the cast and crew have been utterly superb. Terra Firma is obliquely quite a personal play to me – as I’ve written and redrafted it on/off (which is quite unusual for me), I can actually pinpoint the times in which I wrote certain parts!

You can find out more about the play at this website, which I’ll be updating shortly –

So apart from this, I’ve been writing monologues for my collection, of whose working title currently is Notes from Other Worlds. I’m not *too* sure about this title wise (I don’t consider myself well versed in titles, unfortunately), so any suggestions would be helpful!

I’m working on some more plays – I’ve recently redrafted Pandora’s Box and Fishbowl and am starting planning on the new plays πŸ™‚ Also, stay tuned for conference news – lots of exciting things to come!


Fiction Friday- Monologues

For the majority who don’t know – my research has been focused recently on the monologue. It’s known for having a loose definition and as such, not much has been written on it academically. There’s the aside, the apostrophe, the solliquoy, the dramatic monologue, the dialectic monologue, the dialogic monologue, monologue to absent other and so on, with its multiplicity of function being just as varied.

However, there is a common thread – that the monologue places the self at the centre stage of the show, no matter how the “self” is portrayed. In this vein, I have written SF monologues to focus on character and how they see externally the results of certain tropes. I have performed 2 recently – one with the Purpureus Writers at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (3 Degrees) and at a reading with Ben Markovits at Gower Street in London (Mercurial Harbour). If anyone wants to hear some and are around, I’ll let you know via Twitter or will post in here. Without further ado, have a look here for the intro to my collection – I’ve planned about 12 monologues so far!

Just a little placeholder…

It’s almost been two weeks since I’ve updated, I realise!

Last week, I was at a conference where I delivered my first ever paper – Whose topia is it anyway? at the conference of Adam Roberts’ works at Lincoln. It was a great experience and a lovely opportunity for me to see the city and university – unfortunately I couldn’t stay longer – and as I’ve said before, first times are often where benchmarks are set. I’m glad I’ve emerged from it raring to go, especially as I have another conference coming up on Saturday! When I have more time, I’ll do a longer review on this.

Writing wise – I’ve been doing some more monologue work. I’m trying to do something with mixed media and am hoping to get some filmed eventually. There’s a nice space between SciFi short story and the monologue that I hope to navigate. The House AI play that I’m doing has been on a little hiatus – but I’ve gotten the conversation down. I do need some guinea pigs to see how effective it is. The thing is, that quantum realities are going to be carried out in the house as the AI is hacked (yes, I do realise how hard this is going to be to stage – I’ve been racking my brains out like MAD over this). Suggestions and answers are welcome!

But what I’m focusing on mostly is this paper coming up, then I’m getting back on with the work for my upgrade!

I also have an announcement, one that I will elaborate on when I have more time, but at the conference, the amazing Christos Callow from Lincoln announced that he and I have been planning to hold a convention on Science Fiction Theatre – Β the first of its kind next year! All very exciting!Β 

A bit overdue… Fiction Friday

My reasons for Fiction Friday today are two fold:

1) Because I’ll be reading as part of the Purpereus Writers at the Runnymede Literary Festival tomorrow (already!?) at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in Central London from 7:30 – 9:30. I’m doing a SciFi monologue, which will be interesting to try and act to say the least! Haha! It’d be lovely if you could come and see the whole range of literary play that the Festival will deliver!

2) As it was National Poetry Day just yesterday – a benchmark into Spring as I call it – I wrote a poem before I went to sleep, as I’ve been itching to do poetry for a while now. However, since I seem to switch mediums ALL the time (the only thing I haven’t tried much of is TV screenwriting actually), it’s a little temperamental to get the brain working on that particular side. It’s like switching up your spoken language, I guess. However, I did write something and I would like to share it here on the blog. So here goes!



Triumvirate whispering

uncertainty, chaos, disorder

Voids gravitate to

What could’ve been

Eclipsing newly shed realities.

Blackholes seeking homes

Chromosomes drawing to a close

Truths that she doesn’t want to know

Exhuming alternatives like constellations

Humming with post-coital glow

Seeds of doubtΒ 

Feed the hope between each space

Defines a tangent

But it’s all for show.

Fission made in the conditional

A hammering heart of

Hermeneutic – tic -tic

A clock that’s forgotten to sing

Quite in tune.

Fiction Friday

I was reading Harold Pinter’s The Tea party in short story and play form. It was very interesting to see how some details were lost and added in translation. I’m blogging on my phone so will be brief. I wrote this monologue as an exercise to see how it will compare with the play I’m currently writing. Enjoy!

I’m a stranger… in my own fucking house. You know, Eve, that all this once belonged to you. You don’t believe me now, but I don’t take it personally. You don’t believe in me, after all. Why should you trust something like me, an non entity would say, after all? I’ve got the clip of you right here, just before. Just before… maybe I can explain it in a roundabout way. Make it meaningful to you. If you can’t grasp it as fully as reality, then at least absorb it as an observer, a passive pilot. Why not? I could tell it to you like someone from the future, like all those crappy pulp magazines you used to laugh at when you were younger, of bug eyed aliens, or of those auto… no. I don’t want to scare you. I’ll have sown that seed in your mind that will ripen once you know.

You’ll hate me forever.

I sound childish now but you’ll understand – a time capsule of bitterness, trapped under the tongue that when bitten, releases its poison. Let me take that out for you. Let me replace it with something silly.Β  But yes, you see me as an alien already. I’ll find it funny someday. When you’re back, restored from this empty orbit. But now, maybe we can play around a little. Suspend our imaginations and dreams from those tenterhooks that’s been keeping me awake.

Maybe you’d swallow it better like that.

It’s like when we listened to those fairy tales to get you to sleep. Barbarism, sexism, all in its saccharine soaked ecstasy. Maybe we slept to know that we were safe from all that, in comfort, to know that at least we weren’t them. Trapped in the skin of old paper, of old ideology. Now you’re free and I’m here, looking out through this mind shaped porthole. Only now the paper is smooth, exotic, carbon nano – but with still the same trappings. I can’t escape that, but you can. I don’t know if I envy or pity you.

How you can stare into a mirror with the abandon of Narcissus without the obsession, the satisfaction of it. To be stupefied with the sane, mundane realities like a child. You are your own universe again, and everything ploughing around you is off track. You are the satellite once again – learning that tricky sensation of self awareness, that conceit that co-ordinates and maps out the land that we inhabit. But damn, we’re getting old, Eve. Your sparkle is being eroded, as the sand moves ever closer, rebuilding and refastening, bleeding into crevices and creating new landscapes. I can’t explain ageing more than that, but then again, images are all I can explain.
Images are all that I am, after all. Memories – your memories all here, trapped in these plates and you are free of them. Like passing on your failings, your sin, your triumphs and glories into our children. All those battle scars and without a history. It’s uncanny.
It’s a snippet for now, you’ll have to see the show, I guess! πŸ˜‰