So… you’re doing a PhD then?

This is probably one of my worst kept secrets – along with my upcoming driving test which will be imminent SOON (all I’m saying is soon, but not as soon as this month…). The people who do know me in person have asked me a variety of questions, but not the same as when I embarked on a degree (obviously then I had a lot more to prove and I was probably more prone to undergoing a casual character assassination due to my age).

Unusually enough, the most common question was “What will your PhD be in?”, which I actually relished secretly. To know that I could be considered as a scientist (well, I’m dealing in Pseudo-Science at best) or artist or someone delving into the physics of string theory or the soothing patterns that certain notes do in harmonizing our internal sensors (I don’t know!?), it was nice to feel that I was versatile. My PhD is along similar lines of my BA and MA but with a little twist. The little twist for me in this case is dramaturgy.

Another question often is “Oh, won’t your stipend be so small?” – hm hm hm. If i told you that the majority of my previous work experience was stage management, art gallery management and working in copywriting, would that make you reconsider that question!? As it stands, I am seeking funding at the moment so a stipend would have been really cool – but I am willing to persevere!

My favourite has to be “Can I call you a doctor then?” –  I love it because although technically I won’t be until I’m 28 (aaaahhhh!!!) it would be awesome for me to exercise that title until then. However, a lot of my friends are already neck deep in the whole academic and PhD ball game, so I’d have to call a lot of them Doctor without seeming like a huge hypocrite!

There’s a lot to look forward to! Find out how I get on with the dreaded F word (funding), see how I enter my past (High school reunion), present (Brunel University MA Graduation) and the future (the PhD!)

Speak soon!