Proof of Age

It’s most likely not co-incidence that on my birthday weekend when I came to see my family for a visit and candle blowing session on Sunday that they showed me some videos of my past. They had found some old VHS tapes and digitized them, seeing many cuts and flashes of scenes half familiar but all totally astounding. These were amazing scenes that made me very emotional seeing again, and it makes me realise how important documenting is, from the wax etchings to the papyrus to the printing press to the camera to the extensive range of documenting capabilities that we have today.

One of the videos that I saw was when I was turning 6 years old, which was almost 20 years ago now. To feel that I was part of something 20 years ago, that I can say 20 years ago and know that I was alive then is much more poignant than just saying that I’m 25 (to me, it’s hard to explain it). I recognise all the faces there and it makes me remember such good times. What actually strikes me is how hindsight can change the viewing of the video so much – like watching the beginning of series 1 of a TV drama when you’re in series 5 and so on.

The piece de resistance though was the video we had made at Orlando Studios – which does in fact relate to my PhD, weirdly enough. We had a green screen studio experience of Star Trek – which I remember sitting on crates and reading lines (which, without boasting too much, I did at the age of 6 – this year must have been me at my peak haha). The experience left me having been reprimanded by Sulu for pressing the wrong button and my brother testing the ship’s phasers, whilst my mum and dad (vulcan and captain respectively), had a gag photon detonator to fool the Klingons.

It’s so funny and I love that it’s been finally digitised. It’s scary to see how little things do change with time, as we usually only focus on what has been gained or lost. I could see a lot of my personality in my 6 year old self as she dances oddly in my family garden, but why I stuck my tongue out at the camera, I’ll never know (I don’t normally do that, that was the only thing that struck me as odd).

It’s true that as a kid, you hate staying still for the camera (or at least I did), but now I see how valuable it is.

Plus, I almost dance exactly the same as I did there as in nightclubs. Disturbing on many a level…