Writing news!


So, on the 1st November I performed Object Meet Subject as part of a collaboration with Lucy Harrison, a Composition PhD student, with the voice acting expertise of Helen Durnell. It’s been years since I’ve done anything off-book and performing to a recording was like doing a sprint without doing a warm up. Really enjoyed it and I think it went well! I’ve written about it here and as an added bonus, you can see the video clip of me performing it!

Object, Meet Subject

In other news, Newshound has been in rehearsal, which I’m really excited about – it’s the first play I’ve done which has quite a lot of movement so it’s been really interesting interpretation in practice! It will be staged on the 10th November at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre!

I’m also giving a talk on SF Theatre for RHUL on the 8th November, making a case for why it should be staged, why it should be presented and why it should be recognised. I’m also going to be talking about how it’s informed my creative work and rehearsal process. 

The day after, 11th November, I will be reading as part of the Purpureus Writers with Liza Klaussman (writer of Tigers in Red Weather). The reading is most likely going to be The Russian Doll Case, and if you’ve read it you will know what a challenge it will be to perform!

In other news, here’s my review of Override, a play by Stacey Gregg at Amazing Stories!



A bit overdue… Fiction Friday

My reasons for Fiction Friday today are two fold:

1) Because I’ll be reading as part of the Purpereus Writers at the Runnymede Literary Festival tomorrow (already!?) at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in Central London from 7:30 – 9:30. I’m doing a SciFi monologue, which will be interesting to try and act to say the least! Haha! It’d be lovely if you could come and see the whole range of literary play that the Festival will deliver!

2) As it was National Poetry Day just yesterday – a benchmark into Spring as I call it – I wrote a poem before I went to sleep, as I’ve been itching to do poetry for a while now. However, since I seem to switch mediums ALL the time (the only thing I haven’t tried much of is TV screenwriting actually), it’s a little temperamental to get the brain working on that particular side. It’s like switching up your spoken language, I guess. However, I did write something and I would like to share it here on the blog. So here goes!



Triumvirate whispering

uncertainty, chaos, disorder

Voids gravitate to

What could’ve been

Eclipsing newly shed realities.

Blackholes seeking homes

Chromosomes drawing to a close

Truths that she doesn’t want to know

Exhuming alternatives like constellations

Humming with post-coital glow

Seeds of doubt 

Feed the hope between each space

Defines a tangent

But it’s all for show.

Fission made in the conditional

A hammering heart of

Hermeneutic – tic -tic

A clock that’s forgotten to sing

Quite in tune.