For all those starting University…

So, I know some people who are waiting for results day (or is it today? I forget) and ready to make that transition into the first year of university. From what I hear, the consensus and atmosphere has changed along with the recession (it hit during my grad year, fun!) and the astronomical rise of tuition fees. Apparently the attitude has changed, from the “best years of your life” to “a waste of money”.

So here’s my two cents on the matter.

As you can tell, I personally loved university – enough to spend hopefully 8 years of it collectively. At the end of my high school years, I vowed to get into university to keep learning and to do the things I would never have thought to do, or things that I didn’t feel good enough to do. Can you believe that I hated drama in my teen years, and that I was too scared to learn dancing at that age?

With this in mind, I went into the dance club at Brunel in Jan (term started in Sep) and went to ballet classes. Little did I know that there was a show in a month’s time. I still went ahead and learnt the routine – even though I didn’t remember a thing from when I was 5 – and did the show. I even got lifted half way through the dance, which was aweessssooome!

Ballet turned to Jazz, then Street (which I still do at my gym) and Tap. I learnt so much and met some great people there. I do really want to take up all these dances again and hopefully will find something like that at Royal Holloway. I also did drama things at the Arts Centre and was Annie in the Norman Conquests, which I really enjoyed and want to do some more acting when I can!

Writing wise, I learnt one hell of a lot. It’s scary that people say you can’t learn how to write, but I’d say it’s just different from maths or science. In a class environment, you can learn how to share your innermost feelings in a piece of writing, to learn how to write from different perspectives, to see how others write outside of the shelf at Waterstones, so many techniques in and out of the classroom. It broadens your skill rather than just hand it to you on a plate. You just have to be receptive and put in the effort. Being a joint English major for my BA also meant that I learnt a lot of literary theory which helped me in my critical essays up to now (still a lot to remember though!)

I learnt how to edit and helped me invaluably with Enigma, as well as getting publishing experience by making a magazine in a team on campus about English students and the jobs available to them (it’s still there now! Check out Engzine in the Careers section for those who study there!). It’s clichéd, but it’s about what you put in, rather than what you expect handed to you, that makes the experience golden. I also learnt to sail, do archery and fencing, as well as circus skills, which I still do now – yay! Of course, I did have few timetabled hours compared to others, but I did read, honest!

So those who are awaiting your results, I wish you good luck and make the most of it!

OOTD – Graduation!

So this is my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) as promised!

It’s funny how many details you can forget over time – the last time I graduated was in 2008 for my BA, and remembered why I wore a button up shirt – for the loop around the collar part of the gown! However, I still went for the black and white look so it does look like a graduation outfit as in it fits the colour scheme. The only difference is the grey part that drapes over the back instead of white.

Did you know I even *even* tried to do a vlog but it didn’t work because I’m a noob, quite frankly. Plus, if I were to film it real time, I would’ve had to wake up even earlier than I did to get the camera working and I’d rather get to Uni in time! However, I may make a video of what I did and erm… have pictures of the end result as hindsight is always a nice option to have.

So… so so so! Here goes (haha, this sounds funny) *puts on fashionista voice over voice*

The dress was from, a very impulsive buy since I hadn’t bought from them before and there’s always the risk you run about buying online, especially about a day where a camera’s going to be fixated on you for some time. However, with its attached collar and tie detail, as well as its monochromatic look, it actually looks perfect for graduation (almost reminds me of those high school outfits in Japan, love it!) Put a belt that I got in a thrift store and hurrah! Outfit done! Only about 20 pounds altogether! Yay!

To preserve my dignity (at a prestigious academic event, this is one of the most prized accessories to wear or flaunt in your own *special* way), I wore my happy go lucky stockings – and luckily my suspender belt is white so didn’t show through anything. Yes, it was hot and I was absolutely baking anyway due to the black gown and compulsory layers, but my legs were fine – the stockings are nice and sheer. I got everything hosiery related to the day on the StockingsHQ website. I never used to wear stockings but they’re actually comfier than tights in my opinion (weirdly!). I’ve been wearing them a lot this Spring and probably will continue to do so!

And yes, I wore heels. Heels. A shoe with an elevated platform and an exaggerated mould of a foot’s arch. However, I have done a dance show in these at Goldsmiths and danced the flamenco so I thought that a walk up and down the ramp would be much more straightforward. Yes, thankfully, it was! These were 12 pounds and I bought them a while back at Peacocks.











So there you go! Got suited and booted just in the nick of time and dashed into the hall where I got to see some of my old classmates! Everyone looked really well and happy – and it’s lovely to see how everyone is and how they’re getting on. Indeed, it’s been about 8 months at least since I’ve seen some people so it’s amazing to think of what has happened in that space of time.

Thank you to my family and friends for their support in many ways – absolutely amazing as the MA itself, not just the university experience came out of a rather trying time, let’s say. I started in 2009 and from then managed to get a job and time to study so it was amazing to see that I could handle both a full time job and a part time masters (luckily I got to work part time when finishing my dissertation). I can’t thank you all enough and thank you to my parents who bought me the graduation ring as a lovely memento of well… everything. I’ve been wanting one for 4 years, but I’m glad I waited out that long as it means a lot more to me now. It will arrive in about 8-10 weeks, so I’m really looking forward to wearing it. I will post it up for you guys!