Digital Pawprints all over the place!

Being of that age where the internet was becoming quickly accessible around childhood – yes, I am old enough to remember the old jingle of dial-up – and liking to write from an old age, I realise that yes, I have quite a wide base of digital pawprints littering up the interweb. Fortunately enough for me, there are other names that I used to operate under, therefore covering the tracks (hopefully) of a treasure trove path of cringeworthy finds. I actually found something over 10 years back of mine, which was sweet yet disturbing, I guess. I hated being a teenager – I felt middle aged trapped in a young body, which is now actually becoming inverted. I feel younger on the inside as I grow older outwardly, which is, I’m sure, not a totally odd phenomenon.

The most amusing thing is how I wrote about things I thought I knew about. I didn’t think I knew it all, like most teenagers I knew, but I felt I could get an emotional handle in some ways of the topics I wrote about. Having more of an idea now, I can see that the brushstrokes were rather too broad but with a recognisable image. That’s reassuring, I guess.

In turn, I think about teenagers today – I read a book called the Digital Age a couple of years ago when I was a online copywriter, trying to understand how teens and YAs converse with the web, a big a staple as the paper and pen. Their digital footprint will be wider and more saturated than mine will ever be – look at the amount of baby videos and photos uploaded. Vlogs and Blogs are the new photo albums and VHS. It’s great in the way that it can be reserved in the clouds, rather than in the mazy miasma of memory. How extraordinary – I was caught in the eye of the storm.