Happy Anniversary to… me!

Well, not blogging in general, but certainly just over a year of blogging here at skittykittyphd.wordpress.com. I’m a bit of an old hand at WordPress (after 5 years of using this platform, I’m slowly getting better at using it). Things have definitely changed in the year that I’ve started the PhD – my topic has evolved at least in 10 different ways from even the proposal. I’d barely recognise it in a line-up, I imagine (though seeing different papers in a line up is somewhat disturbing!). I’ve met some amazing people and gone to all sorts of places that I never would have imagined before!

I’ve managed to deliver some papers at conferences, which I’m really happy to have done. I know I’ve performed poetry before, but reading out prose as opposed to poetry is *so* different to me, plus the time you spend actually… speaking. I know roughly how long 5 minutes is during free flow talking because that’s the time limit I am used to. Papers are typically 20 minutes at least – that’s 4 times as long. Plus, chuck some academics in the room and the potential for it to be scary is like stretching a rubber band. And… teenagers! I have taught *gulp* teenagers! Science Fiction! Teenagers! Yes, me! I’m still digesting this fact – and I enjoyed it too!

However for me, I’ve finally shed off this pessimistic layer like an old coat. The feeling I have nowadays for me, having dipped a toe in all this academic stuff, is that I’m just happy to be here. Seriously. It’s like a perpetual holiday for me. I get to read and write stuff without feeling guilty or that I’m skiving off work (which I used to do when I was working in different environments in my life!). Of course I’m stressed right now as it’s coming up to my upgrade and I can’t write pure academic stuff for toffee (which is a shame, as I love toffee and wouldn’t mind being paid in it) but you can be stressed on holiday. It’s still a stressed you, you’re just in another place. If you get me.

So yes, here I am with a million new ideas under my belt and time to experiment. As I said before, just happy to be here, sir!