Well now, since I’ve only given away an introduction of what I’ve written, it does feel like a cop out! So sorry! Instead, I have actually got some snippets and tasters of my work that I’d like to show you – from past to present. I’ll start with play samples for now – I hope you enjoy reading them!

Full Length Samples

Terra Firma Sample – this is the first scene from it, which sets up the context and interactions between the characters. A community has been made by being forced together by this apocalyptic aftermath.

Fishbowl sample – this is a rather bizarre and tricky scene that I’d written, one I definitely want to see staged! It reminds me of what I read last year about a woman giving birth as part of an art exhibit – I should follow up that story sometime!

Pandora sample – my first full length play, and the first 10 or so minutes from it too!

One Act Plays

A Trifling Matter

A Christmas Gift

For those who may miss my writing story, you can find it here!

Important Copyright Notice
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