These are some images of the pictures that litter my flat – instead of posters, why not have canvases instead? I buy them dirt cheap from places like The Works and just cover them with a range of watercolours, acrylics and pastels. You may recognise some of these as I’ve had them up on Facebook and the like, but I will add some new ones soon! Also, I have made some bizarre hairslides that usually encompass some videogames franchise so have a look!


When I figure out the format that WordPress has in terms of adding these multiple images, I will add more!


This is an art piece that I painted during my 3rd year for my BA – which probably explains the black and yellow colour scheme and the sound ripples of a siren (exam alert!)

What I tried to (and sorta failed) achieve was a high heel and the “tightening effect” it has on your calves – but is contrasted against the rather sweetness of the bow! No joke, that’s what those straps are for!


  1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I haven’t been doing much art recently, which is a shame, but shall be back on that horse before long! I really love your art stuff, wish I could create scenes like you do in particular πŸ™‚


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