I’ve been researching, amongst other things, forms of dramatic writing in terms of Science Fiction. We might associate SF monologues with Star Trek, Star Wars, or that speech from Bladerunner. It provides an insight into a character before a particular decision or turning point in terms of character or nature – it can be an infodump; the itinerary that the villain relay to his/her detriment to the great failing that is pride, or the stranger that can now join the party upon hearing her/his mould in the narrative.

But it can be more than that.

What if the monologue could be a stand alone piece, to describe a character – and moreover, its place in society? A character cannot exist in an empty vacuum, floating out of context. Once it is realised by its audience, the context will be created in the actions and the choice of words.

You may think SF is incompatible with a character driven piece that is impeded by relatively scarce visual detail compared to film and TV, where monologues are supported by this technical toolbox. You might be right – but in my exercises, I’ve tried to prove this wrong.

Notes from Other Worlds is the result – portraying SF tropes through monologue. It will contain some crib notes, but in essence, the character and context is down to you.

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